United Nations Week is upon us so we should talk Global Marketing.

More often than not, a “regional” campaign is counter-productive and goes against Global integration and success.

I explain: Yes, operationally we should regionalize management as it saves money, speeds up logistics, keeps business close to the action, etc so having a – let’s say – Asian or Latin American office makes total sense.

When it comes to marketing, though, having a regional campaign can be a problem.

This is because many times countries within the same region have very different relationships with your product or service so you either try to solve a problem that doesn’t find relevance everywhere or you tend to settle for a mediocre common denominator.

That’s why most “Latin American” campaigns fail…Geopolitically Latin America does exist, but for Marketing…it mostly makes little sense.

At the NBA, we started to look at the world a bit differently to find out that for our product, basketball, there were more similarities between the Philippines, Spain and Brazil vs The Philippines, Japan and Korea or Spain and the UK, for example. That the existence – or not – of basketball culture and game development was more important to the way we market it vs their physical proximity or even cultural heritage.

McDonald’s does that with tremendous success as a big part of its global team’s job is matching problems and solutions independent of regions.

What I believe then is not that we eliminate regional marketing activities to install a global one but that we truly integrate and look into opportunities beyond operational structures. The World is one big engine and its pieces work better when they work together.

The UN could use some of that integration, too, I think.

~ by gustavodemello on September 25, 2019.

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