The business of Rugby is big, but what Rugby teaches business is much more important.

This Friday 9/20 the Rugby Men’s World Cup opens in Tokyo. 

It is considered one of the top 10 sports events in the world with an estimated audience between 2.5 and 3 billion and set to generate $3.5B to Japan’s economy.

Specially exciting is the competitive balance as the always favorites All Blacks from New Zealand are not as feared as usual and might give it a chance to other powerhouses such as Australia, South Africa or Wales. Actually, given the difficulty of NZ’s 1st phase group – where they play hungry England and the vociferous Pumas from Argentina – they might not even pass the Group stage. Unlikely, but as possible as ever.

Those who know me know I love sports. Not only soccer, basketball, tennis, football, hockey but almost any form of sport will catch my attention and earn my appreciation. And I practiced many of them throughout my life.

However, the one that taught me the most was #Rugby.

In a simple thought, I only got into my Masters at #Northwestern because of Rugby:

Having to write an essay about the first time I learned a personal lesson that I later applied in my business life I didn’t hesitate to put in words the teachings of teamwork I only understood while playing Rugby.

Nothing, absolutely nothing happens without a team. Watching a game is like watching a fluid and precise execution of the best business strategies: eyes locked on the objective, clarity on responsibilities, a diverse set of abilities – with each player having chance to play his strengths – and the ultimate example of how nothing works unless the whole team plays as one. In this game of inches, where moving forward is the only way, if you can’t do your job trusting the other guy to do his, there is absolutely no way to win. It is a beautiful thing.

Beyond the perceived brutality and complicated set of rules, there is an intelligent and fundamentally human game. And if it was good enough for Northwestern, it should be good enough for your next meeting.

Tune in, learn, enjoy.

~ by gustavodemello on September 25, 2019.

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