Love it, Love it not…The ups & downs of our great city

Things we love about Chicago

  1. How clean the city is
  2. The Grant, Millennium & Maggie Daley parks
  3. The innocent, perpetual hope of Opening Day
  4. Summer + Holiday season
  5. Neighborhood festivals
  6. It’s a “bar city”
  7. That O’Hare is so important for the US
  8. The Art Institute, Sue and the Bean
  9. That flowers during spring & summer
  10. Al Capone’s heritage
  11. The Sears Tower
  12. The open-minded chefs
  13. The low expectations people have about the city
  14. Our alleys
  15. Ravinia
  16. Drawbridges
  17. The Indie music culture
  18. 5411 empanadas
  19. National anthem at a Blackhawks game
  20. Downtown view from the Planetarium, Montrose Park or S. Lake Shore
  21. Parking Dibs
  22. 1871 @ the mart
  23. The Marathon and everything around it
  24. Rosa’s Lounge or any of the great blues bars
  25. We take sports seriously
  26.  We are stand-up comedy center of the world
  27. The river walk (coming soon)
  28. The green river on St. Patrick’s

Things we don’t love about Chicago

  1. Price of gas
  2. March and April – enough cold!
  3. Gangs
  4. Back room deals
  5. Corruption
  6. Our Parking Meters
  7. Our street pavement
  8. There are no day trips better than Milwaukee
  9. That O’Hare is such a mess
  10. The sales tax
  11. The Willis Tower
  12. Highway traffic
  13. Parking Dibs
  14. The annoying reminder of Trump’s ego stamped on our face

~ by gustavodemello on August 9, 2013.

One Response to “Love it, Love it not…The ups & downs of our great city”

  1. You missed The Chicago Marathon in the loved things:)

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