The United States: Where all Votes Are Not Equal

If you are a Republican in Illinois or NY, don’t worry…choosing your president is not for you. If you’re a Democrat in Texas or Utah…don’t bother either, electing the president is someone else’s job.

This is all because of the famous Electoral College, which is something that makes no sense, at all.

The truth is that in the most democratic country of the world – the “leader of the free world” – one vote is more important than another one.

It should be changed. The US correctly and admirably praises its Constitution but knows it wasn’t perfect when written. Proof is that it was changed few times, to end slavery, to allow women to vote, even to change how Senators were elected (curiously, the constitution had Senators being appointed by state legislatures and Congress thought direct vote was better…)

Granted, Electoral College could still be representative of direct votes, but each state controls the apportion of its votes and all but Maine and Nebraska mandate a winner takes all votes. Even if that is changed, the Electoral College is still an archaic and unfair system.

There has not been much noise about this problem because it rarely affects the outcome of the election. It might happen again in 2012, though, the same way it did in 2000 – when George W. Bush became president even though Al Gore had more popular votes. There is a clear possibility that Romney gets more votes but Obama is elected. Or vice-versa. Either would not be good.

Yes, I am biased. When Brazil ended its military dictatorship, in the 80s, one of the first things we got rid of was the Electoral College, in favor of direct vote. We wanted everybody’s voices to be heard, we wanted true Democracy, like the US had… you know what I mean…

~ by gustavodemello on November 4, 2012.

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