The Most Dangerous Word in American Politics

It’s not Debt, or Jobs, or Abortion, or Bailout or even Obamacare.

It’s Gerrymandering and it is the reason why the US is stuck.

It’s the process by which districts are redesigned to favor one political party. These districts, then, send representatives to the House, as congressmen.

Gerrymandering is killing the US. The whole thing about bi-partisanship won’t happen until we change gerrymandering.

The moment districts become heavily favoring one agenda by gerrymandering, they tend to elect more radical candidates. Dialogue, debate and compromise become non-existent words. As a result, Congress is full of people that, even if they wanted to compromise, wouldn’t. And wouldn’t because if so, they would not be elected in their respective districts.  It’s a survival problem. Basic human instinct.

Iowa is trying to change that by putting in the ballot the two top-voted candidates in the primaries, even if they belong to the same party. In that way, there would have to be a cross-the-aisle approach to be elected because supporters of the opposing party would favor the moderate candidate. It sounds complicated, but it’s not, I’m just not good in explaining…

The point is this country will not go far if gerrymandering persists. People fought hard in the past for the values that built this country and we shouldn’t let a made-up word, that was first shown in a cartoon in 1812 – referencing Massachusetts Governor Gerry highly partisan re-districting process – dictate were we go from here.

I never thought I’d say that but I hope we start looking at Iowans as trendsetters (all do respect to my Iowan friends)…

~ by gustavodemello on November 4, 2012.

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