What I do

I wonder, I decide, I do.

I wonder about why, I wonder about how and I wonder about what if. I wonder so I can understand things I can’t understand otherwise. I wonder so I can play with what is not around, with magic, with randomness, with confusion, with logic. I wonder because that is the only path to wisdom, because it is fun, because it is difficult, because it helps me seeing better. And then I wonder about why again.

I decide. I know eventually we need to pick one door, open it and keep going, so I decide. I decide because I believe in choices, because I control my destiny and maybe because I am not afraid of taking the blame. So I decide. I decide because I can decide, because I want to decide and, at the end of the day, because someone has to decide. Funny thing, though, not everybody is ready to do it. So I do it.

I do it. I bring it to life. I say it, I write it, I draw it, I talk about it. I do it because if it stays inside, nobody sees it, nobody can do anything with it, nobody cares. I do it because it doesn’t exist if it is not done, does it? I do it so we can agree on it, or not. I do it so we can dialogue, learn, grow. I do it so you can see, understand and, more than anything, believe in who I am and what I do.

~ by gustavodemello on July 15, 2010.

One Response to “What I do”

  1. Excelente sua tentativa de escrever em inglês!

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