Imagine a white man born in Zimbabwe and Robert Mugabe, the country’s black president, comes up with a law that says: “this is our country. If you don’t look like us you’re probably illegal. My police can now check your papers and if the officers are not happy, Zimbabwe can kick you out.” How would the white Zimbabwe man feel about being doubted every day he walked out of his door, having to prove his patriotism to the other guy that just happens to have a different skin color.

I’m worried that around 50-60% of Americans support the Arizona Law. I ask them to try to understand it before supporting it because what it does is that it creates a caste system where different ethnicities have different rights. It is obvious that this country needs a better immigration policy and that both republicans and democrats have been avoiding, since at least 2001, dealing with it. However, generating fear amongst an ethnic group that is as patriotic as any other one is a very dangerous premise. We all (should) agree that the white ethnicity is not the only true American one but, in reality, this is what this law is stating. This law does not address the root of the problem, it just stereotypes the consequences of it.

At least the Zimbabwe story is not, yet, true…

~ by gustavodemello on May 13, 2010.

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